Author : Lara Stauffer

Publisher : Cedar Fort

Release Date : 2012

ISBN10 : 0882909819 , ISBN13 : 9780882909813

Page Number : 278

Matt resents his father and boycotts everything he stands for until Matt becomes involved in an archeological dig in Mexico.


Author : C.J. Barry

Publisher : Carina Press

Release Date : 2011-10-03

ISBN10 : 1426892349 , ISBN13 : 9781426892349

Page Number :

Out of this World... Tess MacKenzie has always dreamed of taking her place among the stars, but racing through the galaxy is not quite what she had in mind. An aspiring singer, she's finally on the ve


Author : Jordan Gray

Publisher : Harlequin

Release Date : 2011-05-01

ISBN10 : 145920171X , ISBN13 : 9781459201712

Page Number : 256

Behind the colorful charm and vibrant history of the English seaside town of Blackpool is a legacy of secrets. Secrets people have killed to keep hidden. But for Michael and Molly Graham, finding the


Author : Rebe Taylor

Publisher : Wakefield Press

Release Date : 2008-01-01

ISBN10 : 9781862547988 , ISBN13 : 186254798X

Page Number : 389

A new, revised and updated edition of this wonderful book that won the South Australian Premier's Award for Non-Fiction, the Victorian Premier's Award for a First Book of History and the Canberra Crit


Author : Patricia Monasmith

Publisher : iUniverse

Release Date : 2011-01-19

ISBN10 : 9781450283113 , ISBN13 : 145028311X

Page Number : 172

Patricia Monasmith knew something needed to change when she woke up handcuff ed to a hospital bed in Hearn, Texas, after overdosing on valium and drinking a case of beer. She began the painful process


Author : BA Tortuga

Publisher : DSP Publications

Release Date : 2017-01-10

ISBN10 : 1635332575 , ISBN13 : 9781635332575

Page Number : 200

From Sardinia to Wyoming, Phoenix to Denver, a lethal ancient evil travels toward its bitter last stand, leaving death and destruction in its wake. No one who touches it will ever be the same.


Author : Brandon Terrell

Publisher : Capstone Classroom

Release Date : 2013-01-01

ISBN10 : 1434248976 , ISBN13 : 9781434248978

Page Number : 88

Omar is still troubled by his vision of the future, but when another vision sends the Revolution to a forgotten pyramid in Egypt to recover a new Fragment, and two of the teens are trapped inside the


Author : Alexandra Risen

Publisher : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Release Date : 2016-07-05

ISBN10 : 0544636473 , ISBN13 : 9780544636477

Page Number : 256

In this moving memoir, a woman digs into a garden and into the past and finds secrets, beauty, and acceptance. Alex’s father dies just as she and her husband buy a nondescript house set atop an acre


Author : Brandon Andress

Publisher : AuthorHouse

Release Date : 2010-10-05

ISBN10 : 9781452076775 , ISBN13 : 1452076774

Page Number : 172

Jesus said that the Kingdom of God is like a treasure buried in a desolate field that one would sell all of his possessions to attain. Yet the shocking reality is that this treasure remains buried as

Secrets Unearthed

Author : Jennifer Brown

Publisher : Lulu.com

Release Date : 2008-05

ISBN10 : 0615214339 , ISBN13 : 9780615214337

Page Number : 168

In the sequel to Celebrity Secrets, currently available online and in bookstores actress Elissa Harner and Kevin Lytle are headed to the Virgin Islands, for Kevin to work on his first movie with his n